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Sports Medicine

Orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, Dr. Chris Raynor will provide medical care for new and existing patients at our office. Please fax referrals to (613)730-5484.


At Human 2.0, we offer active physiotherapy, athletic therapy, and massage therapy to patients of all ages and with injuries of all types. We treat everyone from seniors to elite athletes.

Group Fitness

Our group training classes are weakness and movement-based. This means that we use natural movements and target areas of the body where individuals typically have trouble - shoulders, back, knees, etc.

Sports Performance

In an effort to guard against injury, we've added foundational movement and mobility training to the more traditional elements of performance - strength, power, speed, agility, etc..

About Us

Human 2.0 is a sports medicine, rehabilitation, performance and movement centre located in Ottawa, Ontario. We want to empower people of all ages and abilities to take charge of their own health and wellness by providing education and training in functional fitness, prehabilitation, and active recovery modalities, and by offering much-needed support to the community in a positive and welcoming manner. Our vision is to effectively spread this message throughout our community and beyond.

Other Services

At Human 2.0, we are a fully integrated health and wellness centre with lots of services to choose from...


Proper nutrition is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. We believe in eating simple, unprocessed foods, and consuming in moderation and at regular intervals. Not sure if you are on the right track? Why not make an appointment with our registered dietitian Margaret today?

Corporate Wellness

Whether the people at your business sit all day at a desk, stand at an assembly line, or do labour intensive activities, they might be at risk of injury and illness. We can help to keep them healthy by showing them how to incorporate more movement into their daily routines.

Custom Bracing

Have you suffered an injury? The good people at Happy Brace Company pride themselves on their product and procedure knowledge. Strongly committed to customer service and support, they have off-the-shelf and custom bracing options to fit any need.


As health and wellness educators, we are happy to visit schools and other organizations to offer workshops based on our philosophy of functional and sustainable fitness. We want people – especially youth - to know that moving is vitally important to a person’s health and well-being.


At Human 2.0, We Build Better Humans

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Dance Fundamentals For Maximizing Movement Potential

Guest author: Quintessa Raynor (dancer, musician, artist) _______________________________________________ “Dance is a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement that have aesthetic and symbolic value, and that are acknowledged as ‘dance’ by performers and observers within a particular culture.” Wikipedia. Unlike most other sports and activities that are typically goal-oriented – their purpose to score a basket, get a touchdown, hit a home run, etc. – and/or that involve paying particular attention to the mechanics of the body and its physical capabilities (run fast, jump high, endure longer, etc.) in order to achieve these goals, dance is […]


Ying and yang. Easy and hard. Fast and slow. Our lives are filled with opposition. We’ve all heard the saying, when it rains, it pours, and it’s on those days that we can barely keep up. But other times, life slows down to almost nothing. Nobody’s around, and even if we wish it would, the phone doesn’t ring. For most of us, we flit back and forth between these two states of existence, most of us lingering more at one end than the other. That’s usually the problem. Some of us are too busy, too stressed out; others, not busy […]

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Daniel Ebron On Home Cooking And Healthy Living

Here at Human 2.0, we are advocates of growing and cooking your own food. There are many health benefits to doing that, from knowing exactly what you are eating, to building healthy habits, to encouraging family bonding, to connecting you better to the planet and reminding you of human’s impact on it, etc. etc. We also get excited when our members share recipes that they’ve tried. One of our very first members Daniel Ebron tells us what made him interested in cooking and he shares a few recipes that he has really enjoyed. Why not give them a try? For […]

Human 2.0 Part 3 | Athlete Run and Athlete Group with Coach Spencer Peters

Guest author: David Benay (teacher, physical literacy advocate, and Ottawa Gym Critic – @OttawaGymCritic) As I’ve previously explained here and here, Human 2.0 is a special training facility. I had the pleasure last night to try two classes. It was also with a trainer I’ve never had, Spencer. I had quite an amazing workout and learning experience. First off, let’s find out more about Spencer. He currently works for Human 2.0 and the Ottawa 67’s as the strength and conditioning coach. As you can see, you’re in good hands if you try the Athlete Run or Athlete Group class. He’s also interned for […]

Raising A Brave Girl

Guest author: David Benay (teacher, physical literacy advocate, and Ottawa Gym Critic – @OttawaGymCritic) I’m currently on this amazing learning curve of raising a brave girl. Two years ago, my wife gave me the best gift possible. I was given a new path in life and a new mission when I first laid eyes on my beautiful baby girl. This mission of mine is to raise a brave girl and I am using physical literacy to achieve this. I want her to have “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for her engagement in physical activities […]

Motivation And Confidence Are Key Components of Physical Literacy

Read below how motivation and confidence played a factor in educator, author, and physical literacy advocate David Benay’s fitness journey…  To be physically literate, one must have motivation & confidence, physical competence, knowledge & understanding and to be engaged in physical activities for life. In this blog post, I’ll focus on the motivation & confidence component of physical literacy and I’ll be making links to my current physical literacy journey. I’ve always considered myself to be an athlete. As a young child, I participated in organized sports such as hockey and soccer. I also participated in school sports such as basketball and […]