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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Daniel Ebron On Home Cooking And Healthy Living

Here at Human 2.0, we are advocates of growing and cooking your own food. There are many health benefits to doing that, from knowing exactly what you are eating, to building healthy habits, to encouraging family bonding, to connecting you better to the planet and reminding you of human’s impact on it, etc. etc. We also get excited when our members share recipes that they’ve tried. One of our very first members Daniel Ebron tells us what made him interested in cooking and he shares a few recipes that he has really enjoyed. Why not give them a try? For […]

Human 2.0 Part 3 | Athlete Run and Athlete Group with Coach Spencer Peters

Guest author: David Benay (teacher, physical literacy advocate, and Ottawa Gym Critic – @OttawaGymCritic) As I’ve previously explained here and here, Human 2.0 is a special training facility. I had the pleasure last night to try two classes. It was also with a trainer I’ve never had, Spencer. I had quite an amazing workout and learning experience. First off, let’s find out more about Spencer. He currently works for Human 2.0 and the Ottawa 67’s as the strength and conditioning coach. As you can see, you’re in good hands if you try the Athlete Run or Athlete Group class. He’s also interned for […]

Raising A Brave Girl

Guest author: David Benay (teacher, physical literacy advocate, and Ottawa Gym Critic – @OttawaGymCritic) I’m currently on this amazing learning curve of raising a brave girl. Two years ago, my wife gave me the best gift possible. I was given a new path in life and a new mission when I first laid eyes on my beautiful baby girl. This mission of mine is to raise a brave girl and I am using physical literacy to achieve this. I want her to have “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for her engagement in physical activities […]

Motivation And Confidence Are Key Components of Physical Literacy

Read below how motivation and confidence played a factor in educator, author, and physical literacy advocate David Benay’s fitness journey…  To be physically literate, one must have motivation & confidence, physical competence, knowledge & understanding and to be engaged in physical activities for life. In this blog post, I’ll focus on the motivation & confidence component of physical literacy and I’ll be making links to my current physical literacy journey. I’ve always considered myself to be an athlete. As a young child, I participated in organized sports such as hockey and soccer. I also participated in school sports such as basketball and […]

Meet Our NEW Physiotherapist – Kamélie Dupuis

Guest Author: Kamélie Dupuis, MScPT, Pilates teacher, life enthusiast, and travel addict My name is Kam. I am one of the newest professionals to join the team at Human 2.0, and I couldn’t be more excited. As a new physiotherapy graduate, I thought about what kind of physiotherapist I wanted to be, and what kind of service I wanted to provide, especially when looking for my first job. When I learned about Human 2.0 and met with Amanda and Chris, I immediately connected with their “Movement is Medicine” mantra. I thought to myself: This is what I want to do. […]

PHYSICAL LITERACY: Childhood Nostalgia

How we lived as kids, should be a reminder of how we live as adults. Physical literacy is SO important. #movementmatters