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The H2O Difference

In such a saturated health and fitness industry, we want you to know what we think makes us different from other gyms and health/wellness facilities…

First and foremost, Human 2.0 is owned and operated by Dr. Chris Raynor. As an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine, a Western Alumni and CFL prospect football player, a long time football coach, an ex-fitness instructor of over fifteen years, and a WTF Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do, he knows a little something about sports performance and fitness training. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. At H2O, he has set in place everything he believes you need to either recover from an injury or to do your best to prevent suffering from one. Here, we don’t just work out for the sake of working out; we work out with a plan – we train smarter, not harder.


Human 2.0 offers an integrated “top down” approach meaning that Dr. Raynor has hand-picked all of the specialists/trainers with whom he works and consults regarding patients/members. He also fully endorses and participates in the programming that we do. While our specialists and coaches may push you outside of your comfort zone sometimes, you can rest assured that what you are doing is safe and recommended by highly educated and qualified staff. In essence, you are not just working according to the opinions of one person. You get the opinions of all of us. We communicate about patients when necessary and appropriate, and we hold each other accountable.

Furthermore, everyone at H2O works together under the same clinical mandate: that “movement is medicine”. We believe in active therapy, and empowering people to take charge of their own health and wellness.


Wherever and whomever you train with – and that includes us – we recommend that you read the fine print. With regard to coaches/trainers, what are their credentials? Where did they train, and for how long? Who have they trained with? Our coaches have the very highest calibre accreditation, and they don’t just leave it at that. They are constantly seeking to learn from experienced “movers” from around the world, educating themselves well beyond what is the standard certification.

Very few places can say that they offer everything from one end of the spectrum to the other, but we are proud of the fact that when it comes to musculo-skeletal care, rehabilitation, and physical fitness, at Human 2.0, we have it all.


From working extensively with national level gymnastics coaches, dancers, and natural movement devotees, to Olympic Lifting champions and mobility specialists, we are proud to say that our coaches are always learning, and in turn, can offer you cutting-edge and on-going knowledge as they get it. Ask yourself, do you want to train with someone who has taken a few courses here and there, or do you want to learn from someone who is so passionate about what they do that they’ve made it a point to seek out information from the best of the best – elite level movers, athletes, and coaches from a variety of countries and backgrounds? We know who we’d pick.

Not only are ALL of our staff qualified – i.e. they have the appropriate courses/degrees, with extensive experience in their chosen field – but they are all experienced and passionate “movers” themselves. We think this is key.



Our fitness programs – both for the regular population and for our athletes – are MOVEMENT AND WEAKNESS-BASED, and extremely DETAIL ORIENTED.

What does that mean exactly? Well first off, we’ve structured our classes such that they directly address classically fragile, underdeveloped and/or overused parts of the body – shoulders, knees, hips, wrists, ankles, and back. We’ve included into our program elements of Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics strength training, martial arts, and dance techniques because we feel that they help to develop strength and mobility in those areas through a full range of motion – this being critical for injury mitigation.


Second, while we combine aspects of the usual elements of fitness into our workouts – cardiovascular conditioning, strength, and flexibility training – we also include more “primal” (what we feel are fundamental) components of human movement: pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, climbing, crawling, hopping, running, and rotating. These types of activities, we encourage you to do throughout the day to keep your body functioning optimally.

We take pride in offering the highest level of programming, our classes arranged such that participants get personal attention while still benefiting from a social dynamic. It is a hybrid system that is best described as a combination of regular group fitness and personal training.

Third, with regard to detail, our coaches are VERY particular when it comes to form, safety, and training through the aforementioned “full range of motion”. We aren’t here to push you hard in the sense that we just want you to work until you drop. We do however strive for high quality movement patterns, no matter what your level or ability. Let’s just say that this is something you can only experience by trying us out [sly smile].

In the end, it is our goal to maximize your ability to move and become more functional in your day-to-day activities, to remain safe, and to be the best mover you can be for whatever other goals you may have.

Interested in learning more? Check out our video page here, or any of our social media sites. Sign up below. You can also call us at (613)730-5483, email us at, or just stop by for a visit. We are here to make your life better, and we look forward to welcoming you to our extended #hooman family.