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pagedrchris2Dr. Chris Raynor will provide orthopaedic medical care for new and existing patients at the Human 2.0 facility. As Dr. Raynor is a specialist, you will need to have a referral letter from your family doctor or other attending physician in order to make an appointment. You can have that faxed to our office at (613)730-5484.

Dr. Raynor completed a residency in Orthopaedic surgery at the University of Ottawa and a fellowship in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy at the University of Western Ontario’s renowned Fowler/Kennedy Clinic. He specializes in ligament injuries of the knee, meniscal pathology, instability of the shoulder, and rotator cuff pathology. Dr. Raynor’s patients have included amateur and competitive athletes from a variety of sports, CIS varsity athletes, MMA fighters, rodeo athletes, and professional CFL athletes.

Interested in knowing more? Call (613)730-5483, email us at, or watch Dr. Chris talk about why he started Human 2.0 here…