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In 2017, fitness is changing. People want more from their workouts than to just look good. They want to be able to MOVE better, and they want to do what’s necessary to stay healthy now and in the future. With the state of the healthcare system and its long wait times, preventative medicine is key.

Here at Human 2.0, we take pride in leading the way when it comes to integrated healthcare and weakness-based training. Our movement program is designed to help everyone from elite athletes to seniors to average Joe’s live up to their full potential physically, whether it’s to go to the Olympics, to be able to play street hockey with their kids, or simply to take part in day-to-day activities pain free.

If you are interested in learning the preeminent modalities in this industry, then our H2O MOVEMENT WORKSHOP is for you! Over the course of two days and twelve hours, we will run through the basic teaching methods for what we feel are the fundamental movement patterns that every person should practice for optimal health and fitness: pushing, pulling, bridge, rotating, squatting, straddle, locomotion, and inversion techniques. 

To sign up for a session at your gym, see below for the options. Click on “Trainer Certification” and then “Human 2.0 Intro To Movement Workshop” for your facility. You can also call (613)730-5483 or email us at for more information.