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The Case For Non-Mechanized, Functional Movement Training

Author: Amanda (Fox) Raynor Co-owner/manager at Human 2.0/writer/health and wellness educator/furniture re-arranger _____________________________________ Movement is a part of life. From wrinkling your nose, to curling your fingers, to squatting down to pick up something off the floor, our bodies are made to bend and stretch, twist and turn, crawl and hop. It is how we sense and participate in our world. At its most basic level, moving is what indicates that we are alive. When we stop (for an extended period), we are – quite literally – dead. Strange then that we’ve created a society for ourselves where moving is […]

STRETCHING: When And How Is The Best Way To Do It?

Author: Jethro Constant, MScPT Family man, trivia nerd, music junkie, football fanatic _________________________________ Before answering this question, one must take into account the fact that there are various types of stretching, the three main ones being static, ballistic, and dynamic. Static stretching is the most commonly used form of stretching. It involves getting into a particular position at a person’s end range of motion and holding it for a certain amount of time. One may try to deepen the stretch slightly, but there is very little to hardly any movement for the duration. Dynamic stretching consists of actual controlled movements […]