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Meet Our NEW Physiotherapist – Kamélie Dupuis

Guest Author: Kamélie Dupuis, MScPT, Pilates teacher, life enthusiast, and travel addict My name is Kam. I am one of the newest professionals to join the team at Human 2.0, and I couldn’t be more excited. As a new physiotherapy graduate, I thought about what kind of physiotherapist I wanted to be, and what kind of service I wanted to provide, especially when looking for my first job. When I learned about Human 2.0 and met with Amanda and Chris, I immediately connected with their “Movement is Medicine” mantra. I thought to myself: This is what I want to do. […]

PHYSICAL LITERACY: Childhood Nostalgia

How we lived as kids, should be a reminder of how we live as adults. Physical literacy is SO important. #movementmatters


Guest author: David Benay (teacher, physical literacy advocate, and Ottawa Gym Critic – @OttawaGymCritic) It truly does take an entire community to produce physically literate human beings. According to various stakeholders in Canada, to be physically literate is a process that allows you to gain motivation, confidence & knowledge in order to become more and more physically competent and responsible in your engagement to being active for life. As a community, if we want our children to become active for life, and if we want our adults to keep playing, we all need to band together and offer as many opportunities to […]

Now Taking MVA’s For Physio

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident recently, and been approved by your insurance company to receive therapy? Human 2.0 is now taking patients who need physio in these cases…

ALEX’S STORY: On Being An Athlete With A Disability

My name is Alex Marta. I have Cerebral Palsy with right hemiplegia, which means I have very little use of my right arm, my right leg is weaker than my left, and I have limited ankle mobility on the right side as well. Despite these conditions, I love to alpine ski, and I am currently on the Ontario Para Alpine Ski team. While mobility, flexibility, and proper alignment are important for anyone who trains – whether it be as a competitive athlete, an average person trying to stay in shape, or an older adult who just wants to keep moving and be healthy […]


This blog post outlines some reputable Canadian companies, what qualities they hold important and what products they specialize in.