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Ying and yang. Easy and hard. Fast and slow. Our lives are filled with opposition. We’ve all heard the saying, when it rains, it pours, and it’s on those days that we can barely keep up. But other times, life slows down to almost nothing. Nobody’s around, and even if we wish it would, the phone doesn’t ring.

For most of us, we flit back and forth between these two states of existence, most of us lingering more at one end than the other. That’s usually the problem. Some of us are too busy, too stressed out; others, not busy enough, maybe too laid back, if that’s possible. It’s hard to find that balance. We need both though in order to succeed: times when we move, create, connect, and organize. Other times, when we rest, reflect, and withdraw from the world around us.

Human 2.0 member and intern Antoine describes his life in this regard and how he deals with it…

Hopefully, I’m not alone, and if I am, I’m just happy for all of you, but often, it seems that my life knows only two rhythms. The first one is the static one, when nothing seems to happen, when I see friends after months of being apart and they ask me “so what’s new?” and I literally have “not much” too answer.

The second rhythm I find myself in, let’s just say, is a “frenzied” one, when time flies between workouts, work, school, sports, meditation, family, friends, projects, special projects, important projects, fun projects, extra projects and more, until I realize that my time management skills are lacking, and I crash down into that static rhythm again.

Buddha once said: “When too intense an effort results in agitation and when it is too weak, it results in slackness. Therefore, keep your energy in balance, be sensitive to a balance between the faculties, and you will attain your goal.”

For me, that’s where the slack line, hand stand, juggling and yoga come in.

If my goal is to achieve perfect “physical” balance then yes, I’ll be doing that all day (not every day, that’s the point!) with breaks to give me just enough energy too keep working out. But what if I want that physical balance, but also mental awareness, intellectual, manual and emotional skills and probably much more? Then I need to choose between going all out and ending up more likely in my lovely static rhythm. I need to pace myself, to find a balance between striving to achieve my goals and the many lines leading to them.

We all have our own goals in life, and we’re trying to find the best way to achieve them, but at some point, we need to understand that we can only walk so many paths in any given day. Maybe it’s here we need to focus and CHOOSE what’s most important to us.

That being said, I’m sure that you’ve already spent enough time facing your screen. It’s time to get up and put more movement into that balanced life of yours! 😉

Antoine knows that movement and physical activity are key components of a balanced lifestyle. Here are some other tips to doing the same…

10 Tips For Finding Balance In Life

  1. Practice makes perfect. Keep in mind that “finding balance” is an ongoing process. It is something you DO on a regular basis, not something you ACHIEVE.
  2. Prioritizing goals. Write down what’s most important to you – now AND in the future. Set in place times to work on those things. Try not to get sidetracked, something that happens very easy in today’s world. In order to focus and progress, you will have to say no to non-essentials. It’s your life. If you don’t take control, who will?
  3. On a day-to-day basis, be specific with those things that you’ve chosen to focus on. Say, “I’m going to go for a fifteen minute walk at lunch today,” instead of, “I’m going to try to do something active today.” Being specific makes things doable – it takes the guessing out for you when it comes time to actually do something. Setting yourself up for success is key.
  4. Make time for yourself everyday, even if it’s for a few minutes. Spend some time reading or meditating, or just rearranging your closet – whatever. It doesn’t have to be something big or important. The time alone to regroup and decompress will be rejuvenating.
  5. Minimize negativity. Surround yourself with supportive, positive, “can-do”, inclusive-minded people whenever possible.
  6. Get outside. A fifteen minute walk in the park can do wonders for the soul.
  7. Relationships matter. As much as you need time alone, you also need to spend quality time with the people you care about. No computers, no television. Just human to human interaction.
  8. Step outside your comfort zone. Explore new things. Go new places. Read about new ideas. Your brain needs the stimulation.
  9. Take care of your health. Eating healthy and being active will give you more energy for the things you want to do. It will also mean less time being sick.
  10. Reflect on your goals often. In order to grow and flourish – and to provide yourself with a sense of peace and accomplishment – you need to take stock of the things in your life that have worked and the things that didn’t. Continually running into a brick wall (as it were) will literally get you nowhere, and you will just end up feeling frustrated. Point yourself in the direction of that which is likely to bear a positive outcome.

Yes, finding balance can be difficult, but the strategies for doing so are small. If you try to implement them a little bit at a time, you will surely find success. Remember: finding balance is a purposeful endeavour that one must strive to achieve daily by making certain choices. Don’t let others dictate the outcome of your life. You only have one chance – make the most of it!