Ankle Injury Prevention Webinar

Our ANKLE INJURY PREVENTION WORKSHOP is taught by Human 2.0 head physiotherapist Jethro Constant.

Whether you are an athlete, a student, weekend warrior or someone who is generally interested in UNDERSTANDING what leads to ankle injuries and who also wants to learn ways to prevent them, then this workshop is for you!

This course is meant to keep your ankles healthy and injury-free no matter who you are – field athlete, runner, or regular person who might trip over a curb, or something equally unfortunate.

Topics will include:

  • ankle anatomy
  • risk factors/causes of injury
  • mechanisms of injury
  • ankle health concepts
  • assessments
  • exercises and mobility training specific to preventing ankle sprains and other ankle injuries

WHAT: An amazing virtual power point presentation with accompanying tips and exercise demonstrations all about ankle injury prevention of course! 
WHERE: Online – this is a video presentation
WHEN: Whenever it’s convenient for you
WHY: Because you want to stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office, right?
HOW: You will be able to download the power point AND have access to the accompanying video presentation
COST: $39.95 (one time fee).

Watch the following video presentation for the full ankle injury prevention experience, and feel free to download and print out the power point if you are so inclined to take notes. Enjoy!

*Physio receipt will be provided for insurance and tax purposes. Please note that insurance companies reserve the right to approve or decline reimbursement.

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