Created by golf enthusiast, and strength and mobility Coach Dan (DJ) Jones, our GOLF MOBILITY GUIDE is the perfect compliment to your regular workout program. In it, you will learn the strategies behind (and importance of) properly preparing your body for the game of golf so that you can PLAY BETTER AND STAY ON THE GREEN FOR MANY YEARS TO COME!

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  • Exercises to help improve swing mechanics using mobility, weakness-based training and injury prevention modalities
  • Tools to help you increase body awareness, and improve imbalances caused by this unidirectional rotational sport
  • A break down of all exercises and skills using imagery and description
  • Exercises that are also transferable to everyday life for better overall physical literacy and function

This guide has been strategically designed to help the user understand and implement MOBILIZING, STRENGTH and STRETCH techniques for each section of the body.

NOTE: This is not meant to be a comprehensive health/fitness program, but rather a resource guide of additional tools and techniques to incorporate into your own fitness program. That said, solely performing the exercises in this guide will – without a doubt – help to improve functional imbalances, performance and mitigate golf related injuries.



  • Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education
  • FRCms (Mobility Specialist) and FMS certified
  • Interest in physical literacy, movement consciousness and skill acquisition
  • 15+ years golfing experience, sports coaching and fitness training


  • Owned and operated by Dr. Chris Raynor (orthopaedic surgeon/sports medicine specialist), we embrace a top-down and collaborative approach whereby all staff work together as a group to serve the client in the most efficient and effective way possible
  • We all believe in a “movement is medicine” philosophy, employing injury prevention strategies, and active recovery methods for our members and clients
  • We can help you MOVE BETTER no matter what level or ability you are at currently

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