HUMAN 2.0 | 2202 Thurston Dr. Ottawa ON, K1G 6E1

Master’s Program

pageseniorsAt Human 2.0, we believe in movement for people of all ages and abilities. Like we do with our regular group fitness and our sports performance programming, we focus on injury mitigation/prevention and functional fitness/basic human movement. Especially for our more mature clientele, we feel this is very important.

As such, we incorporate elements in our classes that require basic human movements like pushing, pulling, lifting, bending, hanging, rotating, crawling, etc. We also work on things like wrist and ankle mobility. No part of the body goes unattended. We may push you outside of your comfort zone, but with everything condoned by H2O owner orthopaedic surgeon/sports medicine specialist Dr. Chris Raynor, you can be sure that what you are doing is safe and exactly what you need in order to live your best life!

If you think that our regular classes might be a little too ambitious for you, or you are a complete beginner to fitness, (or maybe it’s just been a while), or you are someone with special considerations, our master’s group might be the perfect fit. Not sure? Why not come and give it a try? Every person gets one FREE class to start. For more details, call (613)730-5483, email us at, or simply drop by for a visit! Hope to see you soon.