Please note: New consultations will require a referral and diagnostic imaging. Ontario patients are covered by OHIP. Canadian patients from other provinces, or patients from outside Canada, will pay OMA rates.


Dr. Chris Raynor (Human 2.0 owner/operator) will provide orthopaedic medical care and Dr. Anita Pozgay will provide sports medicine for new and existing patients at the Human 2.0 facility. As both are specialists, you will need to have a referral letter from your family doctor or other attending physician in order to make an appointment. You can have that faxed to our office at (613)730-5484.

Dr. Raynor completed a residency in Orthopaedic surgery at the University of Ottawa and a fellowship in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy at the University of Western Ontario’s renowned Fowler/Kennedy Clinic. He specializes in ligament injuries of the knee, meniscal pathology, instability of the shoulder, and rotator cuff pathology. Dr. Raynor’s patients have included amateur and competitive athletes from a variety of sports, CIS varsity athletes, MMA fighters, rodeo athletes, and professional CFL athletes.

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