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Meet Our NEW Physiotherapist – Kamélie Dupuis

Guest Author: Kamélie Dupuis, MScPT, Pilates teacher, life enthusiast, and travel addict

My name is Kam. I am one of the newest professionals to join the team at Human 2.0, and I couldn’t be more excited. As a new physiotherapy graduate, I thought about what kind of physiotherapist I wanted to be, and what kind of service I wanted to provide, especially when looking for my first job. When I learned about Human 2.0 and met with Amanda and Chris, I immediately connected with their “Movement is Medicine” mantra. I thought to myself: This is what I want to do. This is what I want to promote in my practice.

Meet Our New Physiotherapist: Kamelie DupuisAs a Pilates teacher, I have seen the benefits of moving and learning about how the body works with countless stories of people abolishing their pain and increasing their quality of life just by moving. Yes, it can be as simple as learning how to move properly. Let’s take the spine for example. If we sit all day or even if your work requires you to stand or move in one consistent pattern (think factory workers), it means our bodies are always in the same position or doing repetitive tasks. To be healthy however, your spine needs to move in all directions equally. What happens when it doesn’t? Countless consequences: from muscle weakness, to constant pain, to numbness. All of the above can occur.

Think of it this way, your spine is the control panel of your body; it’s where the information travels from your brain to your muscles, to your ligaments, to your organs, and through your nerves. If your spine is so stiff that the nerves can’t properly send messages to the rest of your body, your control panel becomes dysfunctional and your entire body suffers. By reintegrating movement in your back, you work on reconnecting your control panel with the rest of your body. So just like that, you’ve taken control of your own wellness, and the problems you were having might very well disappear.

I think we all have the capacity to achieve a pain-free life. Sometimes, we just need the right information and guidance. That is my goal – to empower you into taking your health into your own hands. You shouldn’t be stopped (or even slowed down) by pain, and fear of movement should be abolished.

With my background as a competitive dancer and a Pilates teacher, but mostly with my experience with neuromusculoskeletal injuries, I am confident I can help you with your goals. Whether it’s going back to your daily activities after a surgery, playing sports after an injury, diminishing pain caused by a postural issue, or keeping up with your grandkids, I can help you achieve your goals at Human 2.0.

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