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PHYSICAL LITERACY: Childhood Nostalgia

How we lived as kids, should be a reminder of how we live as adults. Physical literacy is SO important. #movementmatters


Guest author: David Benay (teacher, physical literacy advocate, and Ottawa Gym Critic – @OttawaGymCritic) It truly does take an entire community to produce physically literate human beings. According to various stakeholders in Canada, to be physically literate is a process that allows you to gain motivation, confidence & knowledge in order to become more and more physically competent and responsible in your engagement to being active for life. As a community, if we want our children to become active for life, and if we want our adults to keep playing, we all need to band together and offer as many opportunities to […]

Now Taking MVA’s For Physio

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident recently, and been approved by your insurance company to receive therapy? Human 2.0 is now taking patients who need physio in these cases…

ALEX’S STORY: On Being An Athlete With A Disability

My name is Alex Marta. I have Cerebral Palsy with right hemiplegia, which means I have very little use of my right arm, my right leg is weaker than my left, and I have limited ankle mobility on the right side as well. Despite these conditions, I love to alpine ski, and I am currently on the Ontario Para Alpine Ski team. While mobility, flexibility, and proper alignment are important for anyone who trains – whether it be as a competitive athlete, an average person trying to stay in shape, or an older adult who just wants to keep moving and be healthy […]


This blog post outlines some reputable Canadian companies, what qualities they hold important and what products they specialize in.

THE CHANGING FACE OF GROUP FITNESS: Interview With Coach Tyler Touchette

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our member and dear friend Blake MacMillan – the author of this post. He is shown in the above pic on the far right with fellow Motorsport racer Tomas Casas and Dr. Chris Raynor. He left this world tragically on Sunday, May 1, 2016 due to injuries he sustained while riding. He was a great contributor to the Human 2.0 community in so many ways, and we will all miss him more than words can say. The following interview was conducted between Blake (Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology […]