Human 2.0 – Motorsport Athlete Mobility Guide


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Our Human 2.0 Motorsport Athlete Mobility Guide is a reference document developed by our staff for motorsport athletes with simple actionable tips for setting yourself up for “movement” success on your motorcycle.  In this training program we demonstrate the fundamental skills that will help you to develop and maintain your mobility while in the motorcycle environment whether it be on- or off-road.  Exercise techniques are described with depictions of the skills for visual reference.  Exercises for ankles, wrists, shoulders, hips, and the back are demonstrated.  Typical rep and set counts are provided.

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For competitive motorcyclists, and riders that ride for sport, physical conditioning is essential. The more we improve our conditioning, the more capable we become on the bike. The problem is that many riders don’t enjoy gym-based “training”. For many of us, physical conditioning is like paying taxes. We’ll do it, but only because we must.

It is very hard to let go of the fitness-debt model of physical conditioning because common-sense tells us that training is simply a matter of cause-and-effect. That is, we design training routines by looking at the demands of the sport. This approach limits us to repetitive forms of training that are often cognitively unchallenging. To become a better rider, don’t choose a fitness routine that is based on the movements of riding. Instead, challenge yourself to learn an entirely different movement discipline. Learn to MOVE better. In moving better, one will learn to ride better as more positions become accessible to you. Note: the content of this guide is similar to that included in the Athlete Mobility Guide.