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In our Workplace Mobility Guide we provide you with simple actionable tips for setting yourself up for “movement” success in the office (or anywhere that means sitting for many hours a day). Our Workplace Mobility Guide is a basic program developed by the staff at Human 2.0.  In this training program we demonstrate the fundamental skills that will help you to develop and maintain your mobility.  Exercise techniques are described with depictions of the skills for visual reference.  Exercises for ankles, wrists, shoulders, hips, and the back are demonstrated.  Typical rep and time counts are provided.

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Over the last ten to twenty years, it has been well-documented that the health of the working class is in a steady decline. From an increase in chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer, to chronic body pain – back, shoulders, neck, and hips – our cubically-organized, financially-driven, industrialized society is wreaking havoc on people’s health. In most of the western world, increased working hours in combination with the nature of technology and computers, has meant that individuals spend much of their time in prolonged seated positions.

Making the connection is simple: we sit way too much and it’s making us sick. This conundrum – an “excess of inactivity” or what has come to be known as “sitting disease” – causes our muscles to tighten and get weak (you know the old adage, you don’t use it, you lose it), and our internal bodily processes to slow down, which in turn, causes us to gain weight, etc.

At the end of the day, the best preventative medicine that one can use to combat the consequences of “sitting disease” is exactly what you might expect – MOVEMENT, and NON-COMPARTMENTALIZED MOVEMENT to be exact. Walking, stretching, and taking activity breaks on the job can help tremendously in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.


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