NOW TAKING VIRTUAL PATIENTS for both medicine and physio. Please note that new medical consultations require both a referral and imaging. Ontario patients are covered by OHIP and outside province or country patients pay OMA rates.

We are pleased to offer the following services:


dr chris raynor

Dr. Chris Raynor (Human 2.0 owner/operator) will provide orthopaedic medical care and Dr. Anita Pozgay will provide sports medicine for new and existing patients at the Human 2.0 facility. As both are specialists, you will need to have a referral letter from your family doctor or other attending physician in order to make an appointment. You can have that faxed to our office at (613)730-5484.


Human 2.0 physiotherapy

NOW TAKING MVA (motor vehicle accident) cases for physio.

At Human 2.0, our physiotherapists – Jethro Constant, Sean Stoqua, and Tamarrah Jacobs – all share the Human 2.0 vision of active rehabilitation – meaning that much of your treatment will involve you learning how to do a series of exercises that you will then be expected to do at home on your own.

They use treatments like acupuncture and ultrasound very sparingly.

Both Jethro and Tamarrah also have training in Adaptive Bodywork – a manual therapy during which the patient is an active participant. You can read more about it here. 

Our therapists have experience dealing with patients of all ages and ranges of ability and can provide service to all members of the population from your average Joe to elite athlete. We want to make “getting better” as accessible as possible for every person.


Here at Human 2.0, we program our classes with the future in mind. Because we want you to be able to move well now and for many years to come,  we teach sustainable, natural, and functional “movements” such as pushing, pulling, squatting, hanging, lifting, crawling, hopping, running, rotating, etc. In doing so, we develop all the components of a good fitness routine including cardiovascular conditioning, strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Our programming is also “weakness-based”, which means we target areas of the body that many people have trouble with – back, hips, knees, and shoulders. We’ve included classical elements of movement from the disciplines of Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, dance, and martial arts (among others), because we feel that they help to develop strength through a full range of motion, this being critical for injury mitigation.

It is our goal to maximize your ability to move and become more functional in your day-to-day activities. At all levels, we want you to stay active and remain injury free. We are here to make your life better, and we look forward to welcoming you to our extended family.


Human 2.0 personal training

At Human 2.0, we pride ourselves in having very knowledgeable, friendly coaching staff who have gone above and beyond to be the best they can be, who are also constantly trying to stay abreast of the latest in fitness and lifestyle modalities by training with movement masters of every kind. NOTE: we don’t just do fitness here at H2O, we teach you how to MOVE BETTER.

Because we are an integrated healthcare facility – owned and operated by an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine, and we have an array of rehabilitation and wellness professionals on staff who all work together and communicate directly with one another – you can be sure that what you are getting is safe, top notch care and training.


At Human 2.0, it is our goal to help everyone live a better, healthier, more mobile life. We believe that we can also help your business run more efficiently by keeping your employees healthy and productive. People who perform repetitive tasks are particularly at risk for injury unless some sort of precautionary measure is taken. Our specialized classes and workshops will help your employees to become more fit, more focused and more resistant to injury.

Whether your employees sit at their desk all day, stand at an assembly line, or do labour intensive activity, our programs will provide strength and conditioning benefits, and will offer protection against several classically vulnerable areas – back, shoulders, hips, and knees.

Under our expert guidance, your employees will function better and will be less likely to require time off for sick leave. We offer corporate rates on physio and memberships at our facility, but we also offer workshops and seminars at your location.

In our workshop called “SITTING DISEASE: Why You MUST Change The Way You Work”, Dr. Chris Raynor – orthopaedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist – delivers the scientific facts on this new age phenomenon, and gives people – in this case those in the workplace – the tools they need to live healthier, more mobile, more productive lives.

These sessions include a lecture (which typically lasts around 40 min and is a power point presentation with medical/scientific data and background) and an active component (whatever time is left is devoted to teaching simple movements appropriate for any workplace).

As an alternative, you could opt for our Sitting Disease Practical Workshop whichincludes a handout summarizing the important points of the medical lecture, access to a PDF of our Workplace Mobility Guide to distribute to your staff, and a one hour ACTIVE session at your location to review some of these exercises in person and go over the safety cues in detail with one of our qualified coaches. This is perfect for a LUNCH AND LEARN!

1 hour medical talk + short practical session $500+HST
1 and 1/2 hours medical talk + extended practical session $700+HST
1 hour practical session $300+HST

You may also be interested in simply purchasing our WORKPLACE MOBILITY GUIDE for your own use, full of simple movements that your staff can do anywhere, anytime!

We have visited a number of businesses and attended conferences in the Ottawa area including…

Ministry of Natural Resources
Mead Johnson Nutrition
Canadian Armed Forces: Department Of National Defence
Workplace Safety And Prevention Services Conference of Eastern Ontario
Canadian Society Of Safety Engineering National Conference
Canadian Geographic
YMCA Connexion Conference
Bank of Canada
Paramedic Services of Ottawa
International Development Research Council
Ottawa/Carleton District School Board Professional Development Day
Canadian Society Of Safety Engineering Conference Ottawa Chapter
Partners in Prevention Health and Safety Conference Ottawa 


Through a partnership with Happy Brace Company, we offer both off-the-shelf and custom bracing options.Happy Brace Company is a Canadian distributor of surgical and sports medicine products based in Ottawa, Ontario.   They have been serving the Ottawa area for over fifteen years. Happy Brace Company offers product lines which are leaders in Orthopaedics.   They pride themselves on their product and procedure knowledge, and are strongly committed to customer service and support.Ask how you can be fitted for a custom brace today. Call (613)491-2300 or visit their website at