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Shoulder Mobility Workshop

How’s your SHOULDER MOBILITY? If you are like so many people in Western society for whom sitting hunched over a computer for extended periods is the norm, it’s probably not so great. Or maybe you are an athlete with really tight shoulders? We’ve met many of you in the doctor’s office and/or at physio. Interested in learning how to help yourself before it gets to that point? We’ve got you covered with our BULLETPROOFING THE SHOULDERS WORKSHOP: A Comprehensive Approach To Injury Prevention.

Endorsed by Human 2.0 owner/operator and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Chris Raynor, it is a three and a half hour workshop led by our knowledgeable staff: Head Human 2.0 physiotherapist Jethro Constant and movement and mobility coaches Rick Boisvert and Emma Bissonnette.

We are now developing these courses beyond a pilot project, and trying to improve our services each time. As such, we’ve taken past participants’ feedback and capped the number at 25, added an extra coach to help with demos and to answer questions, and extended the course by half an hour. The price increase is reflective of that. 

DATE: Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

EARLY BIRD PRICE is $125 until May 16th, 2018. REGULAR PRICE after, is $150. No taxes.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel up to two weeks before,  you get 80% of the price back (20% admin fee). After that, there will be NO REFUNDS AND NO DEFFERAL. Check your schedule before signing up.

PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a rehab course. We will NOT be treating pre-existing injuries during this time. 

This course is geared toward people with average fitness abilities, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes. We will be offering this course again for people with more limited mobility in the near future. Call (613)730-5483 or email us at to sign-up or for more information. Hope to see you there!

Physiotherapy receipt provided.