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Are you a business owner? Do your staff spend most of their time sitting? If yes, then you NEED to hear this!

“SITTING DISEASE”: it’s what we (and others) are calling the negative impact that being immobile for extended periods is having on society at large. Most of us know this. But what most of us do NOT know is that even if you workout every day for an hour – if you sit the rest of the time – that “working out” won’t reverse the affects of the sitting as much as you might think (or hope) it does.

As business owners, it’s also important to realize that all this “sitting” is making your employees less productive, more prone to injury, and more likely to take time off due to persistent medical conditions..

In our workshop called “SITTING DISEASE: Why You MUST Change The Way You Work”, Dr. Chris Raynor – orthopaedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist – delivers the scientific facts on this new age phenomenon, and gives people – in this case those in the workplace – the tools they need to live healthier, more mobile, more productive lives.

These sessions include a lecture (which typically lasts around 40 min and is a power point presentation with medical/scientific data and background) and an active component (whatever time is left is devoted to teaching simple movements appropriate for any workplace).

As an alternative, you could opt for our Sitting Disease Practical Workshop which includes a handout summarizing the important points of the medical lecture, access to a PDF of our Workplace Mobility Guide to distribute to your staff, and a one hour ACTIVE session at your location to review some of these exercises in person and go over the safety cues in detail with one of our qualified coaches. This is perfect for a LUNCH AND LEARN!

1 hour medical talk + short practical session $500+HST
1 and 1/2 hours medical talk + extended practical session $700+HST
1 hour practical session only $300+HST

You may also be interested in simply purchasing our WORKPLACE MOBILITY GUIDE for your own use, full of simple movements that your staff can do anywhere, anytime!

We’ve visited a number of businesses and attended conferences in the Ottawa area. Will yours be next?

Canadian Air Transport Safety Association
Agriculture Canada
Ministry of Natural Resources
Mead Johnson Nutrition
Canadian Armed Forces: Department Of National Defence
Workplace Safety And Prevention Services Conference of Eastern Ontario
Canadian Society Of Safety Engineering National Conference
Canadian Geographic
YMCA Connexion Conference
Bank of Canada
Paramedic Services of Ottawa
International Development Research Council
Ottawa/Carleton District School Board Professional Development Day
Canadian Society Of Safety Engineering Conference Ottawa Chapter
Partners in Prevention Health and Safety Conference Ottawa 

If you’d like to set something up for your business or group, or if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us at (613)730-5483 or email us at

***We are also available to customize and tailor an event to your specific needs. Hope to connect with you soon!