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Sports Performance

pagesportsperformAt Human 2.0, we train everyone from the recreational sports participant to the elite, high performance athlete, our coaches having worked with individuals and teams at the professional, collegiate, and club levels alike.

We take what we call a “movement and weakness-based” approach, something we feel is very different from the programming set forth by other sports performance facilities. What does this mean exactly? Well, first and foremost, we focus on the fundamentals of human movement and athleticism, including in our training many body weight exercises, and things like crawling, hopping, pushing, pulling, hanging, etc. Our philosophy: how can you develop sports specific skills to the fullest if you haven’t even learned to master your body in the most basic of ways?

Second, we are VERY particular about detail, such that we really focus on form. We always teach our athletes to work through the greatest range of motion possible, and we pay attention to ALL parts of the body – for example, little things like wrist/ankle mobility are elements (we feel) that no athlete should ignore.

Furthermore, as our programming is endorsed by our sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists – orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Chris Raynor and physiotherapist Jethro Constant – we utilize exercise modalities that will in essence “bullet proof” the bodies of our athletes so that they may enjoy their sport for as long as they so choose, and so that they come away afterward with the tools and the ability to continue to move effectively in regular life.

Interested? Call (613)730-5483 or email us at, and ask us how we can help you reach your goals and take you (or your team) to the next level.

To get a taste of what we do, go to our Youtube channel and view playlist Human 2.0: Exercises we do!